The Secret Garden Project is a program offering Dream Shoots

to Children with life threatening illnesses and their families absolutely free of charge. 


“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


At Morning Glory Studios we believe that the imagination has the power to transform lives. 

Each recipient will have a custom designed themed photo shoot based upon their dreams and imagination. 

For example, a little girl can live out her fantasy of being a princess or
a young man can be the super hero that he feels in his heart!

Then with  the aide of stylists, costumers, and set designers we will create  a moment in time that will serve as life long memories for these children and their loved ones. We will be family centric in that we will design each photo shoot to involve the entire family to improve the well-being of everyone affected by the situation and create life long memories for all.

We hope to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy!


Mission Statement

The Secret Garden Project is dedicated to helping create magical memories and fulfill dreams for children with life threatening diseases and provide tangible & preservable memories for them and their loved ones. We aim to help these brave fighters and their families overcome challenges and hardships by the lifting of spirits, the fostering of hope, happiness and healing through the power and magic of the imagination. We hope to create experiences that create joy, laughter, serenity and a lifetime of memories by providing customized, themed photo shoots complete with wardrobe, sets, props , hair stylists and make up.


Core Values

We have adopted the following core values to help guide our actions in fulfilling our mission:

Compassion: Our first priority is the needs and comfort of the children and their families.
Dedication: We are dedicated to provide a joyful,& magical experience for every child and their family.
Integrity: We are honest, straightforward and transparent.
Team Work: We work together to collectively achieve our mission
Credibility: We protect the interests of our subjects and their families and all of our supporters.


Why do we call it The Secret Garden Project?

The Secret Garden symbolizes a refuge from the larger, harsher world. It is a spiritual place of connection to loved ones and renewal. Renewal in the garden results in the restoration of the mind, body and spirit. It celebrates the healing powers inherent in having a good soul and good attitude.

The Secret Garden is a paradise of beauty and innocence...
once you unlock the door  ALL things are possible!!